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Come Experience the Shaking

The vision for Epicenter was given over five years ago when the Lord called Bishop Jarod and Christy Cruthis to plant a church in Beaufort.  After many years and a few local pastorates, the Lord said that it was time for the shaking to begin.  Epicenter was birthed on October 14, 2017 with the consecration of our Senior Pastor, Bishop Jarod Cruthis.  This new convergent church has caused quite a stir around Beaufort and throughout the county.  Now, under the leadership of Pastor Mary, we hope to take on the Newport area with the Good News and the power of the Holy Spirit.  We hope you choose to come and join us to see what the shaking is all about. For more on the backstory of this great mission, check out the About Us section of our site.


We are fully Charismatic in our worship, our beliefs, and in the practice of our Faith.  To be fully Charismatic simply means that we believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that these gifts were poured out in the book of Acts and are still active today.  Our worship is spirit led, spirit filled, and most of all spirit inspired.  It is our belief that God wants to pour out His Spirit on all who will receive this amazing gift.


"Evangelical" is a fairly simple word.  It is from the Greek euangelion which means good news or gospel.  An evangelical Christian is one who believes it is important to tell others the good news about how Jesus can save us from our sins.  At Epicenter, the Word of God is not only our foundation, but our guiding Truth in all areas of life and godliness.


We view the Sacraments as Holy elements that should continue to be honored and incorporated into our regular Mass and worship services.  At Epicenter we fully embrace the seven sacraments and observe the Lord's Supper or the Eucharist during our weekly Mass.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our family to join around the altar for a communal meal of the Body and Blood of our Savior.

Who We Are
What We Believe

One of the most important questions to ask when looking for a church is "What do they believe?". Sadly, many have attended the same church for years without truly knowing the core values and statement of faith of that church.  To learn more about us, simply click below.


Now here's a question that we are asked at least weekly.  "What is Convergence?"  It's pretty simple and yet rich in history, deeply rooted in the Word, and fully enveloped by the Holy Spirit.  There is certainly more to learn on our About Us page.  Simply put, we preserve the ancient tradition of the one, holy, Apostolic, catholic church, while embracing a newer and more modern form of worship.

Meet Our Priest

Pastor Mary Sherwood has recently taken the helm of this amazing ministry.  After her ordination into the priesthood on February 3, 2021, Pastor Mary stepped into the role of Lead Pastor of Epicenter.  Pastor Mary has served in ministry for over eight years and has a heart for the broken and hurting.  She has a compassionate but warring spirit that motivates here to hand out Truth without apology, but reach out and rescue you those who are lost at the same time.

We are growing!  Our new building is currently under renovations.  Want to help with this amazing project?  Give Pastor Mary a call and she will help you get plugged in to this wonderful community!

Give us a call or check us out on social media!


Physical Address:

284 Chatham Street

Newport, NC 28570


252.504.1850 or

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