"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Matthew 16:19 (ESV)


Epicenter is a convergent church that blends three streams of worship...the Charismatic, the Evangelical, and the Sacramental.  Words cannot truly describe our Mass or Worship Service.  Many assume that our sacramental element means that we are fully liturgical and follow a strict order of service.  Others would assume that our Charismatic element would suggest that we approach our worship with reckless abandon and have no order, while Evangelical may suggest to some that we are legalistic and follow a form of rigid religiosity.  These assumptions are far from what you will experience at Epicenter.  While we are still finding our place here in the community and how best to serve those who have joined our family, we do know the God we serve and Him only shall we serve.

 Our Mass has multiple components.  We are Evangelical.  We are focused on the Word of God and not the doctrines of men, so we unapologetically preach the Scriptures as they are written.  During the week, we gather for a more relaxed service where we walk through the Scriptures and study various topics and Books of the Bible. 

We are Charismatic, so we choose to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us, our services, and our lives.  We follow His leading and allow the gifts of the Spirit to be used according to Scripture for the edification of the Church and to fulfill the mandate to be Jesus to a lost and dying world.  To accomplish this, we must possess the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.  Without the indwelling of the Spirit, we have nothing more than a form of godliness but deny the power. 

Our worship is free, spirit-filled, and spirit-led.  Our music is honoring to Christ, yet modern and full of power.  There are many forms of worship.  Many kneel and pray, while others raise their hands in jubilant praise.  As long as we express our love for Him in a Biblical manner, then we welcome freedom in our worship. 

Finally, we are Sacramental.  We observe the seven sacraments, and most importantly the Eucharist or as some call it, Communion.  At each Mass, we observe the Lord's Supper by partaking of the Blood and Body of Christ.  Some ask, "Is Epicenter a catholic church?".  Yes and no. We are catholic in the Biblical sense of being a part of the Church as the Body of Christ or as some would understand, we are part of the Church of Acts as are all of our Christian brothers and sisters.  For those who are concerned about our orders and sacraments, all are valid and accepted within the sacramental churches..

Come experience the shaking.  Come experience the power of unity.  Come experience Christ the King.


We are experiencing a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Our services are open to all.  We are watching the Lord heal, restore, fill, and completely transform those who are hungry for more!  Come experience the shaking!

Saturday Mass and Worship Services

7:00 pm (Children's Church after Worship)

Thursday Bible Study

7:00 PM - Food, Fellowship, and Bible Study (Online)





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Physical Address:

284 Chatham Street

Newport, NC 28570


252.504.1850 or


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